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Brake Caliper Paint

How to Paint Brake Calipers

How to Paint Brake Calipers  - DIY Guide

If you like too look after your car keeping it looking nice and clean, well there is nothing worse than having a nice set of alloy wheels, and behind them is a rusty looking or paint flaking set of brake calipers. Just like on high end sports cars, you can add a colorful paint job to your brake calipers to set your car apart. Take the time to prepare your calipers properly, and you can make sure that you end up with a paint job that lasts and looks great. 

Xtreme Auto's have put together a basic method to follow to get the finish you desire.



Step 1: First you’ll need to get the car off the ground. Loosen the nuts on all four wheels using the wheel nut, (if your vehicle has a special wheel nut and its missing, we can help click here for wheel nut lock kits. Jack the front of the car up and remove the two front wheels and remember to apply the handbrake before you lift the car up, apply an axle stand for extra precaution.


Step 2:  Now that you’ve exposed the calipers, you need to make sure that they are clean with degreaser otherwise painting over the dirt and rust may not allow the paint to stick and the finish won’t be as smooth. Use a wire brush or sand paper to remove the worst of the rust and then clean the caliper with a damp cloth. Alternatively, you can use a special brake cleaner and a small brush, such as a toothbrush, to remove any dirt.


Step 3:  Take your time preparing the calipers, in return this will result in a much better finish. Firstly, take off the front retainer clip and then cover the bleeder valve using masking tape to protect it. Ensure the valve is completely covered. Overlapping the layers of masking tape may help to prevent paint from leaking into the joins. Then, cover the brake hose fittings with tape too.

Once this is done, take a large plastic sheet or bin bag and use it to completely cover the brake rotor. If you’re using a bin bag, rip it at the seams so it turns into a large square shape. Apply the sheet carefully and precisely so that there are no gaps that could cause paint to leak onto the rotor. You may need to spin the rotor so that it seals the plastic between the brake pads and the rotor. Use some more tape to keep the plastic sheet from moving.


Step 4: Now it’s time for the exciting part. No matter what colour or paint brand you’ve gone for, apply the paint evenly by doing one thin coat at a time. Spray multiple coats to achieve an even paint job. Do not apply spray paint in thick coats or you will get drips and runs in your paint. Leave the paint to dry fully (this could be up to 2 hours depending on the temperature, but most likely ready to be driven again after 1 hour) before removing the plastic sheet.

Step 5: Once the paint is dry, put the wheels back in place using the nuts you should have kept in a safe place earlier and unjack your car. Now, your calipers should gleam and shine with their brand new paint. To finish off the look, you could clean your alloys with ‘’ and add some tyre slick for a prestige finish.

 R34 Skyline

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