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Autoglym Car Detailing Cleaning Exterior Super Resin Polish 500Ml


Since 1965, Autoglym has been leading the way in the research and development of premium car products.â¬â¬Å¾s

The Autoglym Professional range has been specially engineered to meet the varying needs of our trade customers in the UK and beyond. Whether youâ¬â¬Å¾re looking to keep your car in showroom shape, need to keep your car regularly maintained we at Exteme Auto Accessories have all the Autoglym products youâ¬â¬Å¾re looking for.


A legend in the world of car care, used to remove minor scuffs and scratches and to restore gloss to all types of paintwork. The famous bottle can be found in garages all over the world, and has been lovingly applied on everything from hyper cars and priceless classics to family cars. It will not only restore gloss to dull surfaces, but is also ideal for removing small scuffs and scratches on new or old paintwork. Use every few months as needed to maintain a superb shine.