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Xtremeauto Car Dehumidifier Bags, With Rechargable Moisture Indicator

  • EFFICIENT MOISTURE CONTROL - The Xtremeauto Car Dehumidifier Bag is designed to effectively eliminate excess moisture and condensation from your car's interior. Say goodbye to foggy windows, musty odours, and dampness with this powerful moisture absorber.
  • LARGE CAPACITY & REUSABILITY - With a generous 1KG capacity, this dehumidifier bag provides long-lasting moisture control. The reusable design allows you to use it over and over again, making it a cost-effective solution for maintaining a dry and comfortable car environment.
  • CONVENIENT MOISTURE INDICATOR - Equipped with a moisture indicator, this dehumidifier bag visually shows when it needs to be recharged or replaced. The indicator changes colour, making it easy to monitor the moisture absorption process and ensure optimal performance.
  • VERSATILE USAGE OPTIONS - The Xtremeauto Car Dehumidifier Bag can be conveniently recharged either by microwaving it or air drying, depending on your preference and availability. Simply follow the instructions provided to restore its moisture-absorbing capabilities.
  • ANTI-SLIP MAT FOR SECURE PLACEMENT - This dehumidifier bag comes with an anti-slip mat that keeps it securely in place while driving. The mat prevents any unwanted movement or sliding, ensuring that the dehumidifier stays exactly where you need it for maximum effectiveness.