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Universal Grill Mesh Dog Guard For Land Rover Range Rover Sport


Headrest Mesh Dog Guard -   Black Finish


Mounts securely to headrests

Adjustable width: 106-145cm

Keeps both driver and dog safe

No tools required

Universal fit

Quick and easy to assemble without the need for tools!

Universal Fit - For Cars with Headrests


Dogs are brilliant to have around, but in the car they can be a serious distraction. The Sakura Headrest Dog Guard hooks directly onto the backseat headrests, therefore does not require the troublesome guard legs or suction cups that get in the way of your dog. It is supplied with 3 fittings for you to choose from to ensure that you get the most appropriate fit for your car. Extendable side wings are easy to adjust (106-145cm), avoiding gaps for your dog to sneak through, keeping them, and you safe, safe and secure in the car.