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3 Way Mobile Mains Extension Reel 15M Hook Up Rcd Usb Camping Tent Electrics




Main Features

Power: 3 x 13 amp main sockets with sockets with RCD

Charge: 3 x powered USB ports for cameras and mobile devices

Illuminate: integrated, detachable LED torch

The PowerPro plugs directly into the caravan or campsite mains power supply to provide you with safe electrical power

PowerPro is a 15 metre extension reel that plugs directly into the caravan or camp site mains power supply provide you with a safe electrical power throughout the day and night.

Featuring a polarity warning indicator, built in RCD surge protection/trip mechanism, three 13 amp electrical sockets (IP44 rated), three powered USB ports (for charging small electrical devices), cord retraction mechanism and removable LED torch.


Extra features

Integrated, detachable 

LED torch

Reset buttom

Polarity warning indicator

3 x 13A mains sockets with RCD protection ensure a safe mains power supply throughout the day and night.

3 x powered USB Ports allow you to keep your digital life powered whilst on the go

14 metre retractable cable with winding mechanism

Carrier handle on the top for ease of transporting